Chatham Marina

Without a doubt, the Chatham Marina is the hub for exceptional dining experiences. The marina boasts a selection of seafront restaurants, offering not only delectable cuisine but also captivating waterfront views. The ambience of Chatham Marina creates the perfect setting for enjoying your favourite dishes al Fresco.

Cooper River Distillery

Distinguishing it as a unique presence in Kent, Cooper River Distillery is proud to be the only ground to glass distillery in the area and one of the few in the UK. This visit is worthwhile from beginning to end, starting with its location, Victorian Pump House No 5,  which used to be used to pump the water out of the dry docks, now home to the distillery and its restaurant, Pumproom. Enjoy this well rounded trip where you can attend one of their tours and tastings and end your day with a complimentary drink at their cocktail bar and restaurant. 

Visit Copper River Distillery site for more information. 

Ship and Trades

You might say that Ship and Trades has it all - a bar, restaurant and hotel. Sit back at the dockside restaurant with a glass of your favourite vino and a fresh, wholesome meal, while you enjoy the picturesque views of the marina and Upnor Castle. You don’t have to stay at the hotel to enjoy the restaurant and bar, but they are charmingly decorated and kitted out with all the essentials to set you up for a great night's sleep. 

Visit Ship and Trades site for more information. 

Pier Five

While you might want to pump your caffeine levels with a coffee, why not treat yourself to a hand crafted beer or a cocktail l at Pier Five. This eclectic waterside setting offers sea views with outdoor and indoor seating where you can taste their mouthwatering food while taking pleasure in one of their events. 

Visit Pier Five for more information. 

Getting there: The easiest way to get to Chatham Marina is by jumping on a Southeastern train from Ebbsfleet International to Chatham which will take you there in 22 min. Once in Chatham, the Arriva number 1 to Ghilliham takes you to the Dockside Outlet (Stop B) in less than 16 min. 

The Gravesend Beefeater

The Gravesend Beefeater is a family-friendly restaurant and steakhouse committed to serving up top-quality pub classics in Gravesend. Close to lots of fun things to do nearby, we're open all day with refreshing drinks from our well-stocked bar and a warm welcome from the friendly team.

Our restaurant is the perfect place to share a tasty meal with family or friends, hosting a spacious dining area, a cosy bar, and a relaxing pub garden.

Check Ebbsfleet International train times here. 

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Photo by Elliott on Unsplash

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